Light Reaction


Kathleen and Jim compose tunes. Here is the place we share written music, sound clips, and stories. Newest postings are on top.


Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair

The Fall of Enron

Jim wrote The Fall of Enron (pdf) in 2002, when he was playing lots of fiddle. Syncopated string crossings (and nassty accounting trickses, Preciouss). This audio clip is from our CD, the second time through the tune. Here is The Fall of Enron harmony (pdf) that Jim plays. The Moving Violations have often played this tune for their terrific contra dances, and the fife and drum group The Madison Project recorded a great version on their album “The Last Hour.

Come on, folks and try this at home*

Wingnut / Light Reaction

Kathleen wrote Wingnut (pdf) in 2013. Named for one of her more than slightly nutty friends, it immediately became one of Jim’s favorite tunes.

The second tune, Light Reaction (pdf), is another Kathleen composition from 2013. She composed and named it for our duo as a present for Jim’s birthday. She surprised him with it at CDSS Harmony of Song and Dance Week, and a few days later we performed this medley with our friend Stefan Amidon for a camp gathering. It was so much fun we asked Stefan to track it with us in our home studio.

*Yes, we love Frank Turner (video of his song Try This At Home).