Light Reaction


Light Reaction

We have a blast playing music together. Bet you can tell. Our favorite thing is improvisation: spontaneously taking a tune through melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic variations. Make it sweet, make it growl, throw in a playful reference to an old pop song, toss with some blues and jazz, and serve it up fresh.

Track List

  1. Cuil Aodha / The Connachtman’s Rambles
  2. The Fall of Enron (Jim Fownes) / The Divine Reel (Keith Murphy) / The Phoenix (Dave Hennessy)
  3. Under the Water (Kathleen Fownes)
  4. The Wren
  5. Sharktopus (Kathleen Fownes) / Dancing Bear (Bob McQuillen) / The Otter’s Holt (Junior Crehan)
  6. Two Rivers (Larry Unger)
  7. The Old Favorite / The Orphan
  8. Tamlin (Davey Arthur) / Farrel O’Gara
  9. Bushes and Briars / New Wings (Kathleen Fownes) / Rampant Tolerance (Owen Morrison)
  10. Key to the Cellar
  11. Beeswax Sheepskin / Lady Ann Montgomery / Unofficial (Kathleen Fownes) / The Reconciliation
  12. Kathleen’s Waltz (Jim Fownes)

Light Reaction is the band name and debut album by Kathleen Fownes (fiddle) and Jim Fownes (piano). Robin Harrington plays guitar on tracks 4 and 12. It was recorded and mixed by Garrett Sawyer at Northfire Recording Studio, Amherst MA, and mastered by Charlie Pilzer, Airshow Mastering, Takoma Park MD. Tunes are traditional if the composer isn’t credited.


Light Reaction CD cover